Summer is right around the corner and it’s about time to start up your air conditioning unit. An air conditioner’s filters, coils, and fins require regular maintenance for the unit to function effectively and efficiently


Neglecting necessary maintenance leads to a steady decline in air conditioner performance. Before Summer arrives for good, there’s not a better time than now to hire Huge Heating & Cooling for a Clean & Check.


Preventative Maintenance Keeps You “Cool”

Let’s say you let your car sit for a week or a few months, before starting your vehicle back up, you’d probably have to perform some regular maintenance like checking the battery, refilling tires, and making sure the engine is running smoothly.


This same mentality applies to your AC unit. During the winter months, your AC unit has been subject to extreme weather conditions while sitting outside. Before you start your unit up for the summer, you’ll want to make sure the system is cleaned and ready for operation.


Coils & Fans

Dirt and debris have likely accumulated inside of your condenser coils and fans. Anything that obstructs the flow of air will limit the condenser’s efficiency.


Coolant Lines

The refrigerant lines that run from the evaporator to the condenser are wrapped with foam coolant line insulation to prevent the system from losing energy. However, this wrap, after being exposed to the elements, can fray or go missing completely.


System Operations

Checking electrical lines and overall unit efficiency is the main goal of our Clean & Check. If any additional maintenance is required, we will let you know, you won’t be left in the heat this summer!


Benefits of Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance helps reduce utility bills, prolonging the life of equipment and reducing the chance of equipment failure during the hottest months of the year.
Huge Heating & Cooling’s Clean & Check includes:

  • Thermostat Operation Check
  • Outdoor Coil Cleaning (flush with hose)
  • Electrical Wiring Inspection
  • Checking & Recording Refrigerant Pressures
  • Checking and Recording Compressor Voltage and Amps
  • Checking Condensate Drain
  • Checking Filter
  • Visually Inspecting Indoor Coil (if accessible)
  • Checking Temperature Drop Across Coils
  • Inspecting Blower and Motor
  • Inspecting Oil Motors, as needed


Technician & Homeowner Safety

We continue to follow the recommended safety protocols outlined by the CDC in response to COVID-19. The safety of our technicians and our community is our top priority.

Now is the time to schedule your Summer Clean & Check with Huge Heating & Cooling! For a limited time, we are offering this service for only $99.