Boilers are boilers, right?  They heat the water, push it through your home heating system, deliver hot water at the tap – what else is there to know?


Actually, quite a bit.  Just like with everything else, water heating technologies are changing.  Boilers are becoming more fuel efficient, wringing out as many BTUs as possible from every bit of fuel.   With an intuitive screen you can set your water temperature easily – more heat, less heat – with the push of a button.   And mini-computers behind those screens figure out your most active hours of usage, changing heating requirements that fit with activity patterns within the house.


So do you still think all hot water boilers alike?  If yours is 10 years old or more, a boiler may just be a boiler.  But that doesn’t mean your house isn’t starving for hot water and your energy bill is as low as it could be.  Welcome to next generation of home comfort.  


Weil-McLain, for example, is a manufacturer of home and commercial boilers who is on the cutting edge of hot water technology.  Their new Eco Tech High Efficiency Boiler can deliver up to 5.4 gallons of hot water per minute, able to take on the most demanding home.  That’s like taking two showers, running the dishwasher and drawing hot water out of a faucet all at the same time.  It comes with 4 integral zones for heating, all computer driven to push heat to the appropriate parts of your home or business at the right time.  But when demand for hot water drops, so does your boiler’s energy consumption.  It’s called “turn-down”, and the Eco Tech model can automatically turn that energy usage down 10:1.  That’s a lot of savings!


And if you are concerned about the parts and serviceability of these new types of energy efficient boilers, don’t be.  The Weil-McLain models are basically modular, swap and go units with major parts up front and center behind a whisper quiet, sealed cabinet.


Still think boilers are just boilers?  Talk to the people at Huge Heating.  Their years of knowledge in commercial and residential boilers runs circles around most heating contractors, and they can fill you in on all of the other features of today’s combination boilers, all designed to make your indoor space and hot water needs more comfortable and reliable at less operational costs.


You can also talk to the folks at Huge Heating about their current specials and discounts on boiler units and installation.  Between the energy savings that new technology brings and Huge’s generous price cuts you can’t afford not to enter the next generation of home comfort