Choosing a good contractor to install or service your HVAC system can be as important as the equipment you choose. At the end of the day, proper installation and equipment management is vital in order for your HVAC equipment to operate safely, reliably, and at maximum efficiency. So, finding the right contractor to install or service your HVAC system is imperative. Luckily, we’ve compiled some great tips for selecting the right HVAC contractor for your home. 


9 Things To Look For When Hiring An HVAC Contractor


  1. Make sure your contractor has the proper license and insurance.

A good contractor is properly licensed, insured, and current with Workers’ Compensation. If any of the contractors you are considering do not have the proper license or insurance, keep on looking. 


  1. Only consider contractors who will do an onsite survey.

A good contractor will do a survey of your home and base his or her proposal on a heat-load calculation (or cooling-load calculation for air conditioning). Do not give your business to a company offering to give you an estimate over the phone without ever looking at the job. 


  1. Make sure any potential contractors you consider are listed with the BBB.

A good contractor will not only have his or her business listed with the Better Business Bureau, but they will also encourage you to look at their BBB report and reviews. 


  1. Avoid any HVAC contractor that is not interested in high efficiency equipment.

A well-trained, up-to-date contractor will not try to discourage you from purchasing high efficiency HVAC equipment. In fact, less-qualified companies may not keep their employees current with the latest technology, and therefore they may discourage you from new and better designs. This is a huge red flag. Find someone who embraces high efficiency equipment. 


  1. Avoid any contractor that wants to use your old equipment to size your new HVAC system.

Did you know that many HVAC units are not properly sized for the homes they serve? This could be a result of improper sizing conducted years prior to you moving in or energy efficiency improvements made to your home since the old equipment was installed. Either way, it’s so important that you hire an HVAC contractor who will come on site to survey your current system and take measurements if you are getting something new installed.


  1. Look for a contractor that asks and answers questions. 

A good contractor should ask about any heating or cooling problems that you may have had with your old equipment, as well as offer understandable explanations or solutions. If someone isn’t willing to answer your questions, move on to the next contractor on your list. 


  1. Only consider contractors that give you a written bid.

A good contractor will give you a written bid (or proposal) outlining the equipment to be installed, the work to be done, and the price, including labor costs. Don’t work with anyone that wants to give you a verbal quote. Get everything in writing. 


  1. Avoid any HVAC contractors that don’t have their own business location.

Any HVAC contractors you are considering should have an office or shop facility, and they should not be ashamed to have you visit them. An office or shop is an indication that the company has been in business and intends to remain in business. 


  1. Be wary of whoever offers you the lowest bid.

When getting estimates from multiple contractors, try not to let the lowest price be the main reason for selecting that HVAC contractor. Better contractors may sometimes charge more, but they probably offer greater value. Be skeptical of extremely low bids as those contractors may not be properly licensed, may not be properly insured, may employ low skilled/low pay workers, or may cut corners to save money. 

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